In order to demonstrate the economic impact of Oklahoma’s cannabis industry, we respectfully request that you, an owner of a licensed cannabis business or related enterprise, provide as complete and thorough responses to the survey questions. Your participation is crucial to building credible data demonstrating the impact of our industry! We greatly appreciate your participation and encourage you to share our survey request with every cannabis business in your network! All submitted information will be used exclusively to generate reports and educational materials for promoting Oklahoma’s cannabis industry. Information received will not be used for any purposes beyond economic impact determination and any identifying information will not be shared without the express authorization of the participant.

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Number of Fulltime Employees/Contractors *
Estimated Total Amount Paid Monthly to Staff & Employees
Health Insurance (Optional)
Employer Provided Health Insurance
Estimated Number of Employees Relocating to Oklahoma to Participate in the Industry
Estimate of Non-Employee Contractors Routinely Providing Services (Ex: Marketing, Legal, Equipment Servicing, Accounting, Project Labor, Etc.)
Estimated Monthly Expenditures for Re-occurring Contractor Services
Estimated number of contractors engaged for specific short term services during your business development (Ex: electricians, plumbers, construction, surveyors, architects, engineers, graphic designers, etc) Not re-occurring services.
Estimated Total Amount Spent on Short Term/One Time Contractor Services
Storefronts, Facilities, Farms, Etc.
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Physical Business Address (Optional)
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Number of Properties Purchased by City & County
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Total estimate of expenditures invested for equipment, infrastructure, HVAC, electric, irrigation, etc.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Please include any additional information you'd like included to determine the economic impact of your business in Oklahoma!