Our Industry’s Impact

As part of the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association’s core mission to advocate for our sound laws and regulations, to build positive relationships for our industry in communities across Oklahoma, and to provide credible industry data to our members, our team monitors trends, developments, and searches for data critical to the execution of this priorities. The ability to document the real-time impact the cannabis industry has on patients and communities in Oklahoma is instrumental for businesses and researchers to gauge the most effective types/components of cannabis and delivery systems for treating specific medical conditions, plus monitoring the economic and community impact our investments have in Oklahoma. As patients, physicians, or businesses, YOUR PARTICIPATION IS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THE POWER OF THIS DATA. We urge you to support our research efforts by participating and encouraging as many as possible to participate so the data is as comprehensive as possible!

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One of the most effective advocacy tools for our industry is showing the economic impact we have in Oklahoma. Dollars spent, jobs created, property purchased, new members of a community. As we educate our neighbors to become more familiar with cannabis and this industry, we need to highlight the investments made and opportunities created through our efforts. This data helps our team personalize the cannabis industry for each community, each stakeholder, and each policymaker, revealing our presence and positive impact in their communities. We URGE all Oklahoma medical marijuana commercial license holders or industrial hemp program participants to take the time to help us fight for you by completing this Economic Impact Survey and asking every Oklahoma cannabis business you know to do the same. All information and data collected will be used exclusively for the purpose of compiling economic impact data and will be kept confidential. No information will be provided to third parties or sold for unauthorized purposes.



(COMING SOON) - As physicians recommend cannabis for patient medical treatments, how do we gauge what types of cannabis work best for treating each medical condition? What forms of delivery (smoke, drops, edibles, topicals) are most effective for medical relief? And how cannabis businesses can develop the best medicine for our patients in conjunction with medical research. In Oklahoma, currently the law provides that a physician may recommend cannabis for a patient and that recommendation is valid for 2 years, but it’s up to each physician and patient to monitor the effectiveness of the cannabis medicine, which has not been a consistent or reliable source of medical research data in states with legal medical cannabis programs. Without providing any confidential information, we encourage patients to provide accurate information about their medical conditions, their use of cannabis medicine, and what helps most for their medical needs, along with other variables that provide thorough information beneficial to understanding what works best. While this information is not nearly as reliable or effective as controlled scientific medical studies, every bit of data helps us learn more until American scientists can conduct standard essential research prohibited by the federal government for so long.



(COMING SOON) - Unlike most agricultural crops, the body of research and information available for cannabis production in Oklahoma is incredibly limited. While indoor cultivation practices can be more controlled and consistent across regions, outdoor cultivation of cannabis introduces a vast range of new variables that influence the plans and their values. Acknowledging some information is protected as confidential and proprietary practices, the best way to improve techniques, develop best practices, and ensure a healthy, sustainable cannabis industry for generations is for cannabis farmers and producers to record data, document results, and share this knowledge.