The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana & Patient Protection Act (Unity Act)

In a letter from Bud Scott to The Oklahoma State Legislature on August 27th, 2018:

Honorable members of the Legislature,

Pursuant to the explicit instructions of the Joint Committee on Implementation of Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana Program, attached please find the amended Oklahoma Medical Marijuana & Patient Protection Act, which is the result of weeks of public comment and input, extensive discussion and collaboration with interests across Oklahoma, and the specific participation and buy-in from the following organizations and professionals:

New Health Solutions Oklahoma, Inc. (Bud Scott representing over 90 member companies)

Oklahomans for Health (Chip Paul & Norma Sapp)

Green the Vote (Chris Moe, Attorney Ron Durbin)

Lawrence Pasternak, Patients Advocate

Jayson Mayes, EmoTek Laboratories

Also, the contribution and sign off from the following attorneys:

Bussett Law Group -

Rachel Bussett, Patricia Podolec, Kelly Hensley, Ashley Weyland, & Sheema Anvar

PHM Law Group - Virginia Henson

With the assistance of attorneys:

G. Lynn Burch

Collin Rockett

Rachel Farrar

Greg Lavender

This product reflects hundreds of hours of effort and dedication to address as many legal issues concerning the implementation of SQ788. Furthermore, there are substantial conflicts of law created by the passage of SQ788, which will require amendatory or repealer language addressing inconsistent provisions of law in Title 63 and beyond. In order to provide clarity, consistent application of the law, and to avoid extensive costly litigation for the state, we urge the Legislature to address these issues in a limited special legislative session prior to the acceptance of commercial business applications by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The cost of a special session will be dwarfed by the potential cost of litigation if licenses are granted and the legislature subsequently changes the rules of the game, thus creating a taking and a cause of action for likely hundreds of potential commercial applicants.

We all appreciate the time and effort of the Oklahoma State Department of Health Staff and the members of the Joint Legislative Committee in attempting to address these issues in a timely, responsible manner; however, all of these efforts will be for naught if these issues are not addressed sooner than later.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Collectively, we stand ready as a resource to address this issue and assist staff and any other interested parties.

Robert "Bud" Scott, Esq. Executive Director New Health Solutions Oklahoma, Inc.


The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is in the process of accepting applications for patients, physicians, cultivators, and more.

Click below to learn more about the application process, approval process, and current statistics in Oklahoma.


The Legislative Medical Marijuana Committee:

The Bipartisan, Bicameral working group for Medical Marijuana has met since July 23rd, 2018 every Wednesday morning at 9am in the Capitol rm 535. Attempting to regulate and Implement sq788 in a sound method has been the group’s focus, and stakeholders throughout Oklahoma have been invited to speak to what they believe is the best way forward. The meetings have continued through two months- much longer than anyone might have thought after the passage of sq788 on June 26th, 2018. Click below to access presentations and agendas from these meetings. If you would like to add your voice to the growing chorus, Comments can be sent to sq788@oksenate.gov. Messages will then be shared with members of the working group.


Click below to view or download the original 788 petition and language: