An Effective Voice Through Unity.

We are thankful for your interest in joining the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry Association and look forward to welcoming you to our growing organization. We recognize that each individual or business is unique, possessing varying degrees of trade association experience or expendable income. Our board of directors structured our membership levels and dues to provide extensive opportunities to all members of the cannabis industry, starting at $250.00 annually and ranging to $7,500.00. Please recognize that coordinated, qualified professional staffing and program management comes at a cost and our Association enjoys an incredibly talented, effective and devoted team. Every dollar goes a long ways towards providing the support, research, and effective advocacy offered by the OCIA.

Please complete the accompanying membership form and submit for our Membership Manager, Kalin Bellmard, who will respond as soon as possible to answer any direct questions and coordinate payment. If you do not hear back within 24 business hours, please email so he is aware of the form delay.

As a 501c6 not-for-profit trade association/chamber of commerce, membership dues are not treated like charitable deductions, but you may deduct them as a business expense, less any amount directly spent on legislative lobbying. You will receive an end of year IRS form designating your annual amount that may be treated as a business expense for tax purposes.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member and remind you that active members get the most out of any association. Thank you!

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